Dr Hamish Sillars

Your Surfer’s Ear Surgeon

Dr Hamish Sillars F.R.A.C.S is a senior Auckland Ear Surgeon practitioner now working uniquely in private practice.

Until recently a senior lecturer at the Auckland Medical School, Dr Sillars has also served as Secretary of the NZ Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery.

Having undertaken specific training in the management of Surfer’s Ear/Exostoses under renowned Sydney surgeon Professor Paul Fagan, in 1993 Dr Sillars brought a revolutionary canalplasty technique back to New Zealand.

A method subsequently adopted by other Ear Surgeons NZ wide, Dr Sillars himself has now performed this surgical intervention for the treatment of Surfer’s Ear and other pathologies more than a thousand times. Via meticulous technique and a well structured and understood surgical method, this technique results in a very low post op pain profile and a predictable recovery.


Utilising Dr Sillars’ “super” technique patients also experience a lower rate of recurrence of Surfer’s Ear than with more traditional limited canalplasty approaches

In addition to his extensive and unmatched experience with Surfer’s Ear/Exostoses patients, Dr Sillars established New Zealand’s only comprehensive ear training facility at Greenlane Hospital in 1998, and in 2015  was awarded a Certificate of Outstanding Service by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons for his work in the field.

Dr Sillars remains an active participant in Registrar and Fellow training alongside his work with those patients presenting with many ear complaints including Surfer’s Ear/Exostoses.